What you need to know before buying Microsoft Office account for home and business

Recently, Microsoft has made some changes to Office 365. Users can choose of choosing between Business and Home accounts.

Home is always linked to one person in the true sense, while you will be required to join all employees in your company if you go for a business account. If you do not plan to share files with other people at work, then you should go with a home-based account. If you own multiple PCs in your office, then using a home account would be ideal since you can have the same email address for each of them. If you only have two or one computer in your workplace, then a business account is more beneficial. This will allow you to share files with other users and make it easier to manage your files.

Maximum 5 email addresses per account. If they are to be used for the primary address, the first address is your primary address, while the second one is alternate address and the list goes on. Home accounts are not able to use this feature, however, commercial accounts do. You can create an account at home and your first email will be the primary email you use. However, subsequent emails will utilize the same user name as the sender. This could cause confusion because they could appear as though they were sent by your account even though they were delivered by someone else in your company.

Limit on the size of files The limit for a Home account is 20GB. In case if you have numerous large files to share then a business account would be better because for each user and every office365 webmail (Hotmail/Outlook) mailbox we can receive 1TB of storage space, that is virtually infinite in terms of file size.

The primary function of a home-based account is sharing email between yourself and your family members. There are no restrictions on other matters, aside from you can’t share any documents. The business account is, however there are no restrictions on sharing files. But, it does not allow users to share emails with anyone else.

More information: Microsoft Live/Outlook/Hotmail accounts can be joined by up to five people. That means to establish a new email address you must have at least two accounts. However Business accounts do not have this restriction and you can add as many email addresses as you want.

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